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Justine Urbahn is a very experienced dietitian who is committed to helping people of all ages. Justine trained at Flinders university in Adelaide. She spent many years in London where she trained as a paediatric dietitian. On her return to the Sunshine Coast Justine started a small private practice whilst she raised her two children. Justine whole heartedly believes that one diet does not fit all, so the goal for Justine's practice has always been to offer a personalised service to all clients ensuring that dietary advice meets individuals needs. 

Justine's has always had a passion for paediatric nutrition whether it be children with allergies, food intolerances or fussy eating. Justine has a particular passion for helping families who have children who are fussy eaters. With additional study, Justine understands the fussy eater well, she acknowledges that this can be a normal part of development but also recognises in some children that it can turn into something that can be very long lasting.  Out of her interest in fussy eating grew her business Happy Eaters. 

In more recent years, Justine's practice has branched out to address the needs of those people struggling with their metabolic health. Hypertension, diabetes, fatty liver and hyperlipidemia are all part of poor metabolic health with insulin resistance being the primary cause.  Justine has recognised that the typically recommended low fat, higher carb approach to healthy eating does not help everyone and and that once again dietary advice needs to be tailored to meet individual needs based on parameters of metabolic health. 

Justine Urbahn

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