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About Us

Create Healthy Habits.

Justine Urbahn is the owner of Sunshine Coast Family Dietitian. Justine is an experienced dietitian who has had her practice on the Sunshine Coast for over 15 years.  Initially her practice focused on paediatric nutrition helping children with food allergies, food intolerances and fussy eating. Justine has a particular interest in helping children who are fussy eaters and out of this interest grew her business Happy Eaters. 


In more recent years, Justine's practice is proud to be able to offer nutrition advice to the whole family from babies to grandparents. Justine and her staff are committed to offering an evidence based approach to helping sufferers of insulin resistance. Hypertension, diabetes, fatty liver, weight gain and high cholesterol are all part of poor metabolic health with insulin resistance being the primary cause.  Justine and her staff recognise that the typically recommended low fat, higher carb approach to healthy eating does not help everyone and and that once again dietary advice needs to be tailored to meet individual needs based on parameters of metabolic health. 


We are happy to participate in supermarket tours, consult with small businesses and conduct group nutrition seminars.  Sunshine Coast Family Dietitian is committed to helping people meet their nutrition goals. 

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