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Food Allergies and Intolerances

Justine sees many infants with food allergies and intolerance. She is able to help breast feeding mothers adapt their diet to minimize symptoms of food intolerance in their child and is able to recommend appropriate allergy formulas when appropriate. Elimination diets can sometimes be help to reduce symptoms of reflux, constipation and general discomfort. Justine can help Mothers alter their diet or their baby's diet in a safe way.

Gut issues in older children can be caused by constipation or food intolerance. Elimination diets can sometimes be helpful. Justine can give advice on how to safely eliminate foods without affecting the nutritional quality of the diet. 

A low FODMAP can be helpful for adult clients. This diet can help reduce symptoms of reflux, bloating, and general symptoms of IBS. 

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Fussy Eating, Selective Eating, ASD and ARFID

Fussy eating can be a normal part of a toddler's development. This for most toddlers can be  temporary problem as the child's sensory system is developing. It often comes at a time when the toddler learns that they are their own person and can say 'no'. For other children and for many children with ASD, fussy eating can be a long term issue where selective eating practices can profoundly affect the quality of their diet. ARFID is now a recognised eating disorder. Children and Adults with ARFID have a dislike of certain foods, their diets are very limited and they tend to cut out whole food groups. They rely on supplements to meet their nutritional needs. People with ARFID are very anxious around new food. Regardless of the nature of the problem, management is both helpful and important. Justine can offer helpful strategies to improve not only a child's variety of accepted food but will help coach parents and their child how to make friends with food. 

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Eating Disorders

Treating Eating Disorders such as Anorexia Nervosa, Bulimia and Binge Eating Disorder requires an experienced clinician and a team approach. Justine will help manage eating disorders as part of a treating team, the GP and Psychologist.  


Metabolic Health 

Frustrated by the limitations of the lower fat, higher carb dietary guidelines in treating overweight clients with diabetes and metabolic disorders such as hypertension, fatty liver, reflux and abdominal obesity, Justine is excited to provide her clients with an alternative approach - low carb nutrition. For some people this approach can be life changing, helping them to achieve less disease, healthier weights, better energy and all round better health. 

Nutritional Cooking

General Nutrition Advice

With so many different opinions on what is healthy and what is not,  it is hard for all of us to decipher what foods are best to eat. Justine is able to provide nutritional support for general advice whether it be to be a healthy vegan or vegetarian or to know how to eat well during pregnancy. 

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